Full Name
Peter Kelly-Detwiler
Job Title
Director of Educational Programs
Smart Energy Decisions
Speaker Bio
Peter Kelly-Detwiler is an independent consultant with 29 years of experience in electricity markets. As a Principal at NorthBridge Energy partners, Peter currently provides strategic consulting to a variety of companies, with a focus on integrating new technologies into the evolving electric power grid. He is a frequent keynote speaker, workshop presenter and panel moderator at various energy conferences and is a contributor to Forbes.com and other publications.

Over the length of his career, Peter has held a series of executive positions, including SVP of Constellation Energy’s Demand Response unit, overseeing a business that ultimately grew to 1,700 MW of dispatchable load, with annual revenues exceeding $80 million. He holds granted or pending patents related to Smart Grid demand response applications. Peter is currently working on a book addressing the topic of innovation and disruption in the electric power industry.
Peter Kelly-Detwiler