that's a great question.  You can log-in to your eventhub at any time and add a session to your calendar by clicking on the "add to calendar" button.  At the designated time, the virtual link to the session will be available.  Please join us for as many LIVE! sessions as possible.

no, not at all, but if you want to, you can!  Each session will be broadcast at its designated time, but you can also watch the sessions at a time that is convenient for you.  

the EventHub will be your go-to-place during the week.  You can gain access to all the sessions via the EventHub.  At each sessions designated time a virtual link will be available.  Note that all LIVE! sessions will take place in Zoom.

take a look at the instructional video we put together for you on the 1:1 FAQ page under the Meetings tab.  Buyers can request meetings with sponsors, sponsors can request meetings with buyers and buyers can request meetings with other peers!  Navigate to the 1:1 Meetings tab to gain access to the scheduler!