Full Name
Agostinho Villela
Job Title
Scala Data Centers
Speaker Bio
Agostinho Villela has a BSC degree in Electronic Engineering from PUC-RJ. He has been working with IT for over 35 years, both with hardware and software. He is the co-author of a patent on cybersecurity (device fingerprinting) and a patent submission on caching for voice-based assistants, co-author of an IBM Redbook on distributed computing, Endeavor entrepreneur and mentor. He is currently the Scala Data Centers CTO and Engineering VP, Scala’s iMasons representative, Scala’s Environment Ambassador, and a visiting professor on Rapid Innovation at Fundação Dom Cabral business school. His hobbies include e-bikes, TV series, history, geography, and Cleantech.
Agostinho was a former IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Latam Innovation Director, IBM WW Innovation Studio Co-CTO, IBM Quantum Ambassador, IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team member, and IBM's worldwide representative at TIP (Telecom Infra Project). Also, he was the founder of the IBM Brazil Garage and the IBM Brazil 5G Telecommunications Solutions Lab.
Agostinho Villela