Full Name
Ajulo Othow
Job Title
EnerWealth Solutions, LLC
Speaker Bio
Ajulo Elisabeth Othow grew up amidst southern traditions in her home state of North Carolina. Her parents, both teachers, imbued her with a love and caring for others as she prepared herself educationally to succeed in her chosen career. At a young age and as she grew into maturity , she traveled with her parents to continents outside of North America, where she became conscious of national and international conditions of humanity. Ms. Othow is now an attorney practicing in Granville County. Ms. Othow is also a solar project developer, one of the only women of color solar developers in the nation; her projects are designed to aid in minority land retention and rural economic development. For more than fourteen years prior to becoming an attorney, she worked with people in small towns across all thirteen southeastern United States, places where people’s one hope is for a future where their children can return home and live a good life.

Ms. Othow holds a Master’s Degree in International Development from The George Washington
University, further graduate work in Public Policy from Duke University, and a Doctorate of
Jurisprudence from Northeastern University School of Law. Ms. Othow lives in Oxford, NC with her young son, and mother.
Ajulo Othow